Here’s our new 4 way split 12″ w/ Johnny Foreigner, Doe and Doctrines out on Dog Knights Productions and Alcopop! records. Big thanks to Darren and Jack for putting it out and Lewes for the artwork. Very pleased with this one.

Buy it here:

Laurie x


“hey, are you cousins?”.











(photos by saam & eliot)

tour was great thanks so much to everyone. post breakdown haircuts and going back to work our next show is this weekend with some local b’ham support.


here’s lyrics for new songs there might be some news soon.



settle scores and shout the underneath
i could never stand still
we are gold, we are the winning team
eyes in the middle
the way you talk about the weight eyes & headlights

that was one of my favourite things that i have ever done ever
just like last year, but bigger still
& still here

title track:

i’ve been counting starfish
we’ve all made brand new friends
you told me, ‘..hours away from home & stay..’.
i think i’ve forgotten fact
all the ghosts in the city hang out in the back
looking at maps of my spine

i wish we could talk hours like we never did
i’d play my hand closer to my chest
she didn’t know that i was a liar
she didn’t know that i was an empty head
there blood now flows
i’m shedding skin

her/your fathers eyes pierced through my veins
i’m so sorry again
i should have stayed

pouring bleach into paper cups
i dare to swallow you down

asking for a second
no reason to erase

playlounge and king of cats september tour.


~ DATES ~ 

7.9.14: Nerd Hutch (underneath travelling man comics), Newcastle w/Something, Euan Lynn 

8.9.14: The 13th Note, Glasgow w/ Min Diesel, Something

9.9.14: Cellar 35, Aberdeen w/ Pinact, Min Diesel 

10.9.14: Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh w/ The Spook School 

11.9.14: Fuel, Manchester w/Gorgeous Bully, Manuals 

12.9.14: The Moon Club, Cardiff w/Trust Fund, Totem Terrors, Something 

13.9.14: Liverpool tbc

14.9.14: Tye Die Tapes HQ, Sheffield w/Best Friends, Poledo

15.9.14: The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol w/Two White Cranes, Something 

16.9.14: The Green Door Store, Brighton w/Tyrannosaurus Dead, Something 


handclap cinema.

say it might crush
yellow & blue, our learning lines, our dilated youth
the photo books & the sun is high
hear the bird sing by the window for light
the dancer said, ‘go back to sleep’
well, he’s not as cool as seventeen
i told you my heart was about to explode.