I’m bored. Like mind numbingly so. I just watched Annie Hall for the first time (it was incredible) and now I kinda wanna die. Catch up? Ketchup?

Thank you ZoĆ« for drawing us as zombies. Your motives weren’t entirely innocent but it looks dope.

Last weekend we recorded five new(ish) songs in my house with Dom RAGE and I’ve been caning the rough mix of ‘Conor, oh burst?’ for the past couple days. Pretty sure it’s one of the best things anyone will ever hear. We gots some actual releases lined up soon so WATCH THIS SPACE DUH!!!

February 4th we’re heading to Canterbury to play our first show out of London for the No Wave Canterbury 2nd birthday extravaganza which we’re super soaked stoked on. Then on Valentines day we’re playing the Buffalo bar with YRRS. Sweet right?

We’re also in the midst of planning a UK tour with Joanna Gruesome which will obvs be da best fing evaaaa. Totes excited for this year, 2011 sucked.

Soz for all the links. Srsly dying of boredom. Doctors say its fatal :/

Playfact no.2
I went to music college with Ed Sheeran and he supported my old band at our first gig. No lie.