Oh my lady I forgot to post about this time that I went to Brighton to sing in Joanna Gruesome when they were supporting Johnny Foreigner and after the set I went to talk to Alexei and he was like, ‘are you the guy from Playlounge?? I have yr song dye. on my iPhone. It’s AMAAZING’. So then I like totally freaked out and wanted to stay and talk and cuddle with Alexei but I had to get the train home because I had work the next morning and then a few days later I found an interview that Johnny Foreigner did that morning where they totally sung our praises and to be honest it’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I listened to it like four times when I found out about it and on the final listen before I fell asleep I cried a little bit.

It’s here around three minutes in.

Also last weekend we went to stay with Fantasy Rainbow in Richmond and we played a rock concert with him in Newcastle and it was the best gig we have ever played and we had the most fun staying with Oli and went for ice cream where we even got to thank the cows that the milk came from and there’ll be lots of photos of that soon.

It’s thirteen days until tour, in case you were wondering.











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