Hey Manchester.



Tour Diary (Iceberg Titanic).


Day 1 – I am really really ill. Fos and Joe ‘Badlands’ Gainsford picked me up around midday and we hit the road with our pal Layo in tow. Todays playlist included Dr Dre, Metallica, Tokyo Police Club and Sebadoh. We somehow manage to hit three service stations before we even reach Wales.


I sang for Joanna Gruesome again, they make me wish I was a girl. The kind who’d wear polkadot dresses and cardigans and have a tattoo of like hummingbirds on her thighs or something. The rock show was hella fun. I was mad ill though. Ended up in some ‘alt’ club where Olibow stole Max’s babe and they played all the records that my 16 yr old self fell in love with. The night ended at Max Warren’s P-rock hostel where me and Olibow shared a bed and talked about grrrls. Oh and Johnny Foreigner replied to my soundcloud message!!! Insane.



Day 2- Max’s mum made us all breakfast (top lady). We watched half of ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off’ before hitting the road and getting lost three times leaving Wales.




I am too excited to play with YRRS again tonight. Listening to Deathcab and Descendents and Weezer and Foo Fighters on our way back to London. Show was a blast, we made £3 profit. YRRS are the best band ever and I got to sleep in my own bed it being the hometown show. Greenberg’s after party song is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, wanna play it at Oxxxford with him. I got 2 hrs sleep because I’m addicted to e4. It was cool to finally meet Art Is Hard and Graffiti Lips. #internetfriends




Day 3 – Olibow has sold out and bailed on tour to go play a bigger show in Manchester. I hope there’s lots of people dancing in Oxxxford, I love house shows. I hope I don’t fall asleep onstage.


We arrive and everyone is like middle aged and on acid, it’s 4pm. I’ve never felt so unsafe in my whole life. My body is freaking out from how tired I am. Poledo and King Of Cats (especially) were amazing. Our set incites a mosh pit (I don’t like mosh pits, I don’t tell anyone) and I split my finger open again. Incredible show. The one downside to singing with Gruesome is not getting to just watch Gruesome. They were incredible though. #duh. Got started on (this may be an exaggeration) by some football lads in a tiny pub before crashing at King Of Cats house. Coolest toilet ever. I don’t remember falling asleep.




Day 4 is a day off. Playlounge and Badlands got here first so we stopped off at JB’s, one of my top 5 all time favourite restaurants. When Gruesome arrived we all had pizza on the beach as the sun set and planned tour tatts (best moment of my whole life). After pizza me and Alex dyed our hair the same colour (hair buddies for lyf) and when Olibow arrived he cut my hair. Then we went deep into a forest somewhere in sussex and made a fire, it lasted about an hour, we then left for fear of cow attack. King Of Cats came along for the ride.




Day 5 – We got up early(ish) and went to the library to get some numbers of local tattoo parlours. Sussex has the nicest university campus in the world. Fos ended up getting inked with the rest of us. Hardly anyone came to our rock show but it was the most fun I’ve ever had playing. Olibow drummed for us, I sang for Gruesome and we all ended he night onstage playing ‘Sweater Song’ which caused me to lose my voice. After the show we all hugged about a million times, this is the happiest and saddest I have ever felt. I don’t ever wanna go home. Byee tour 😦