Oh em gee.


Here’s the rad tour poster Lewes designed. There’s also a super sweet Jofo blog update here we’re you can read all about the tour as well as loads of other awesome Jofo related news. I’m so happy today.

You can now also stream the whole of Thrash Magic in this hyperlink and I hope you all like it.

HOKAY gonna go get my hair cut now and then meet with the label now for drinks. Weapon X. Wolverine. Schnpitty Schnipe.



Thrash Magic.


You can’t even imagine how excited we are to announce the release of our debut 12″ on Fear&Records. The record has 7 new songs on it, including first single and free download Sweet tooth. Pete and Gareth are the greatest guys ever and there aren’t enough Sega games we could play to show our gratitude for them releasing us. To promote/celebrate how wonderful this all is we’re going on tour with Johnny Foreigner (Laurie’s favourite band ever).

Thanks to anyone who cares and to Jake May for helping out and to Laurie for being the best bandmate in the whole world.

You can pre-order the record here which comes with an immediate free download of all songs and here’s what is and isn’t being used for artwork in the world of Playlounge circa Thrash Magic.

You stay classy San Diego.