October has not only been one of the best months Playlounge have ever had, it’s been the best month of my life. We’re somehow playing shows we would have gone to (and did go to) a year ago. We’d still be going to them now were we not asked to play them. I’m tired and I’m emotional and there’s a million photos I wanna post in attempt to give the Internet some sort of idea as to how everything incredible has been recently but I think I’m going to savour it for a few more days.

Thank you Johnny Foreigner and Dan and James and Sam Lock and Karlie and Yucky Slime and Nathan and The Spills all the other bands we’ve played with and anyone who’s bought anything or even stuck around to watch our whole set and Laurie.

I could share a Travelodge with everyone in that photo any day of the year.



Adventure Time.



heyy london, sorry we’re bailing on ya to go hang with Johnny Foreigner for like forever but come on you so would to and we’re following our uk tour with a london tour when we get back anyway so we can still be friends. 

fos is putting on 

this this show at our second home powerlunches –

and then nathan horrowshow is having us here –

and then we’re playing with DomRAGE just before halloween –

okay, everyone in Leicester, Durham, Hartlepool, Wakefield, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Nottingham srsly can’t wait to meet you.



Postscript that rad looking ghost at the top of the post is our good pal Leo (pronounced layo) and he’s in our punk rock video for Sweet tooth which is online REALLY REALLY soon