Laurie’s Five Favourite Albums Of 2012.

In no particular order:

Ace Bushy Striptease – Outside It’s Cold Just Like The Inside Of Your Body And


Sport – Colors


Paws – Cokefloat!


Sauna Youth – Dreamlands


Fantasy Rainbow – Bos Taurus





Playing with The Spills¬†on Friday and they pretty much wrote my song of the year (see link) so please come out and play because the world might end next week ūüė¶



day trip to the plague pit.

Our blog is totally snowing, like for real. LOL.

Last night we played Fantasy Rainbow’s¬†farewell show in Newcastle. After a fatality on the line our train was left motionless for about 2 and a half hours, severely delaying our journey and causing us to miss our scheduled interview at Amazing Radio as well as soundcheck. It didn’t take long for supplies aboard the train to run out and as a result myself, Laurie and honorary ‘lounge member and tag along Louise didn’t get to eat anything. I consumed a little too much coffee, caffeine OD’ed and said a million things I regret to Louise and Laurie and loud enough for everyone in the carriage to think I was an idiot. We arrived at the venue 10 minutes before our stage time and had spent around ¬£70 each on train fares and a taxi up until this point.¬†The show was amazing. Totally worth spending over 7hrs travelling door to door to play for 20 minutes. Newcastle has always been far too kind to us.¬†FR were incredible as well. They played Bos Taurus start to finish before then playing a selection Oli’s greatest hits from the past year and a half. Beyond gutted he’s calling it quits.

Everything after the show was a bit of a blur due to having only eaten one bowl of cookie crisp all day. I remember ice skating outside The Cluny, Nick being hilarious, Slender Man following us on twitter, getting lost, eating McDonalds, talking twitter, sight seeing, a lot of laughter and falling asleep colder than I’ve ever been inside before in my whole life.

Thank you so much to Oli, Sam, Nick, Scott, Paul and Louise for the adventure. Fantasy Rainbow was one of our first band friends so it’s a real shame to see it end. Yesterday was also the longest day of my life and I still haven’t recovered.

Our next show is heeeeeerrrrrreeeeImage

and our incredibly talented friend Laura Blessitt of Seahorse “fame” is finally recording again and I can’t stop listening to this.