i am a lion.


Hey so the world didn’t end and everyone’s having the best 2013 so far ever right?

We’ve been working on a lot of new songs and have some real great stuff planned for this year that we can’t really talk about yet but I’m not writing about girls anymore and it’s a welcome change but I’m sure it wont last so let’s all relish growing up and having a positive mental attitude.

Here’s some shows we’re playing really soon:

January 24th – Buffalo Bar w/ Yucky Slime, Poledo & Birdskulls.

January 28th – Canterbury w/ Joanna Gruesome, Chewing Gum & Michael A

January 30th – Catch w/ Joanna Gruesome, Yucky Slime, Chewing Gum, Part Dinosaur & Michael A

February 6th – Cardiff w/ Joanna Gruesome & Hamamama

February 16th – Bournemouth w/ The History Of Apple Pie & The Black Tambourines

Then maybe we’ll do some super cool tours and releases but you’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh and I couldn’t do my top five records of last year buuuut this was my number one favourite release of the year here.