1000 times a day.

somehow we managed to hit 1000 likes on facebook and i’m not even sure how this even happened and it’s really amazing so thanks everyone yr the best.

here’s some live videos of new songs for all those likes around the world that are yet to see us play.

day trip to the plague pit

fan fiction



saam x


growing pains.


it’s been a whirlwind heat of a week and a half having jake may living on my sofa and getting to play cardiff, brighton, london and bournemouth and we weren’t even on tour. just lucky I guess. thanks to everyone that came out to see us and bought records and and our friends that let us crash and played with us. we’ve had the best 2013 so far. I told you it’d be a good’un.
thanks most of all to jake for sticking it all out with us. we couldn’t ask for a better third member of playlounge or a better friend. srsly thank you.

we’re lucky enough to get to play with the history of apple pie again tomorrow and then all our other upcoming shows can be found heeerrrreeee.

oh and my current favourite songwriter joey fourr has released the amazing sunslime and museums EP’s recently and i’d kill to be as talented as he is.