The ‘real world’.


needless to say europe was life changing. once again thank you (seriously we owe you everything) to johnny foreigner for taking us out, we had the best time. you can read all about our adventures here & here . or you can read it all through lex’s eyes here .

i’m still really struggling to adjust to the ‘real world’ but i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.

we played london last week and it didn’t suck, thanks a million to katia for filming us play newbie ‘sick kid’. it looks grand.

they told me not to bite my fingernails until i’m old enough
i’m sorry but i’m too scared to talk, that i’m too scared to talk to you.

we’re the last of this dying breed.

history lessons and i’m faking drunk on compliments, just for fun.
alright slow down. feel it stick to the roof of yr mouth
this distance seems further now. too far.

cool. enough hyperlinks i’m going back to work.