this song is about growing up and death cab, this song is about the best/worst weekend of my life..


lyrics for new songs coming out soon maybe or never whatever.

pretty pretty:

let’s run away and sleep on beaches
my hunting gear. yr facial features.
it’s not my fault they found our exit
for all you know they could have planned it
she was so cool
sugar sweet. yr coating nothing.
i lost a year to change opinions
arms spread out. my favourite starfish.
not everything has to be a story

take me anywhere (i don’t mind)

sugar sweet. yr coating nothing.
my words don’t hold the weight that yrs do
still young enough to make a sequel
sick and tired of ‘sick and tired’
folding maps. i forget sometimes.


pens and needles
i’m just working my way out

overlook chalkboards and nicknames

oh my god
girls in summer..
and yr no fun

tripping on new trends
i sold myself out.

grandma death:

sorry i’m running late
i got caught in yesterday
tripping on puddles and splashing waves on to the tourists in this cave
i believe they’ve named it ‘my heart’.

have you found yr space?
in the back next to old rope and paper airplanes
another daniel look, at photographs i never took

i’m running out of tape
we crossed wires and celebrate
my rookie of the year mistake
i’m shaking. shaking.

a youth suicide
a phone call i never should have made.

khaki scouts of north america:

yr smart and dehydrated
so call it off
the finger split that i’ve been waiting for
could never last

imagine this a map of the world

obsessed with architecture
i shouldn’t care so much
postcards. spark me something familiar.
a smile for good luck

here have flowers.

day trip to the plague pit:

if only you could wrap me up, in warm jumpers and checkered shirts
i’d cut my hair
i’m so excited to see
will we still talk the same when i go grey?
will we talk the same words?


i started thinking of oceans and airplanes and new days
the photo album on repeat
the photo album on repeat.