to feel the weight.

for those of you that exclusively follow our pictures and words on this blogpot and nowhere else, our debut album pilot is being released through the lovely lovely dog knights productions. a label not only home to some of our favourite bands but also run by one of our favourite people (darren forever).
you can pre-order the record over here and with new album shirt here.

thanks to dom & jonathan & jake may & dean & nicola & stuart dandy & lew & everyone else that is/was a part of this.


lyrics for pilot:

i am a lion - 

we cut our teeth on second hand sofas, train lines and kitchen floors.
you're well read and better spoken. 
i am the king of self preservation
writing on walls
station to station

you're breathing smoke into my lungs and scratching this birthmark off
say you'll save me
say anything 

new year. new meaning.
i wish i was taller
the old days and new adventures
we're beautiful when we're joking
you gave me a box that housed the ocean
it's just like before
tokyo police club

skulls - 

we'd sing and we'd dance out of time
the light bouncing off all the buildings shows us what's inside

i've been uncertain
are you as cold as we know?

i'm waiting for the stars to come crashing down
call it quits or call it exciting
hear the marching bands play out

zero - 

this is not about subtext
nothing matters more than tv shows and '..capitals'
like i'd never hurt before 
we'd come out swinging and sore
stop it. repeat. forever. still need it. homesick. you wanna? learning california.
i couldn't remember. was i stealing seconds? come on.
i need something to chew on
a little change is good

can you see it?

if we could just get obsessed
i think i might go blind
starting all these fires

sick kid - 

they told me not to bite my fingernails until i'm old enough
i'm sorry that i'm too scared to talk, but i'm to scared to talk to you

we're the last of this dying breed

history lessons and i'm faking drunk on compliments just for fun
alright, slow down
feel it stick to the roof of your mouth
this distance feels further now
too far

daisy chain - 

far from golden 
can't you see i haven't washed my neck in weeks?
shutter speed. shutter speed.
i tried faking an argument and backing my best bet

round and round i'm running around
round and round 
i'm running. running. 

it doesn't even make a difference
another wasted night
another wasted night

this tongue is tied by a string to this heavy heart

waves and waves and waves - 

we'd play american

weightless we'd sleep sprawled across this town
i stepped up surely to an impossible doubt
i wish i knew that voice a little better
i wish i knew that voice

driving doe eyed a million miles far
bend me. bend me.
roads wider than the sea oh the sea
can you feel it caving it?
get up. get out. go.

fan fiction - 

you got your palms wet deep in conversation
i gave it my best shot now call me the victim 
i'm not feeling any better for what feels like forever
thunder and lightning just another second
hey darling i hate your favourite record

it feels like, summer

i heard a whisper, 'he thinks he's fucking clever'
i got a blister pretending that i'm better
take my hand and lead me somewhere i can sit and watch mallrats

x o x o 

lightness - 

where's your sense of adventure?
this town is tired and running out light
no sweat, the kids are cool 
i like your culture and you're all so beautiful
let's talk about luck
remember when we'd write gigantic?
hey do you wanna show your insides? 
but what if you had the confidence?
we could talk writers and right arms
i'm so scared we might have something in common

don't go through hell for this

i do. i swear i do.
almost always
like half an hour from small bones and getting late
my back is broken from the fall
say anything you're thinking
yeh i'd like a badge of honor
are you still starting something?

gutterball - 

holy molar we're getting older
i'd watch it each day in my head
killing time with enid and rebecca
our brains exploded
let's start again
she'd cast spells like there was no tomorrow
i wish we could still walk in slow motion

open my eyes to see a little further
we caught cold swimming out of our depths
a black hole. rewind. forgotten fingers. 
another popcorn movie and we're better friends 
like the best of friends

don't be a sucker
i'm sure it's something

hai resolution.


We had some incredible, lovely, crazy, wonderful times in two thousand and thirteen. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make it so great. Here’s to the new one.

There’s a handful of shows that we’re playing soon including this one on thursday with the ever fantastic MYSTYRYS and Gloss Rejection. Elsewhere there’s this one with our pals Shudder Pulps who are truly one of my favourite bands currently and 100% ones to watch for this year.

Reeks of Effort will be doing lots of very cool shows and releases in the next few months/forever as well so do keep updated with that stuff over at

Here are some of my favourite albums of 2013:

1. Fetch – Melt Banana

2. Weird Sister – Joanna Gruesome

3. The Beauty Between – RVIVR

4. Whatever – Nai Harvest

5. Half Of Where You Live – Gold Panda

6. Major Arcana – Speedy Ortiz

7. The Courtneys – The Courtneys

8. Not Even Doom Music – Mat Riviere 

Laurie x




11/9/13 – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s w/ Cycle Schmeichel, King Of Cats, Min Diesel, Pinact

12/9/13 – London – Power Lunches w/ Cycle Schmeichel, Pinact, Min Diesel

13/9/13 – Bristol – Start the Bus w/ Cycle Schmeichel

14/9/13 – Portsmouth – Southsea Fest w/ Cycle Schmeichel, Slowcoaches, Tyrannosaurus Dead, Fawn Spots + more 

16/9/13 – London – Shacklewell Arms – Joanna Gruesome album launch w/ Trust Fund

24/9/13 – Sheffield – The Harley w/ Killington Fall

30/9/13 – London – Power Lunches w/ Rice Milk (EP launch) + Something + Lone Omi

You should notice that most of these are with the fantastic Cycle Schmeichel!


Here’s a video that Andres took of us at the Art Is Hard All-Dayer that we played on the last day of August. Massive shout-out to David and Richard and everyone involved in possibly the best day/evening we’ve had all year! We love you. Special mention to Ben and Lew from Nai Harvest for the rad times and to Danny for driving us around! It was a wonderful weekend.

Laurie x

this song is about growing up and death cab, this song is about the best/worst weekend of my life..


lyrics for new songs coming out soon maybe or never whatever.

pretty pretty:

let’s run away and sleep on beaches
my hunting gear. yr facial features.
it’s not my fault they found our exit
for all you know they could have planned it
she was so cool
sugar sweet. yr coating nothing.
i lost a year to change opinions
arms spread out. my favourite starfish.
not everything has to be a story

take me anywhere (i don’t mind)

sugar sweet. yr coating nothing.
my words don’t hold the weight that yrs do
still young enough to make a sequel
sick and tired of ‘sick and tired’
folding maps. i forget sometimes.


pens and needles
i’m just working my way out

overlook chalkboards and nicknames

oh my god
girls in summer..
and yr no fun

tripping on new trends
i sold myself out.

grandma death:

sorry i’m running late
i got caught in yesterday
tripping on puddles and splashing waves on to the tourists in this cave
i believe they’ve named it ‘my heart’.

have you found yr space?
in the back next to old rope and paper airplanes
another daniel look, at photographs i never took

i’m running out of tape
we crossed wires and celebrate
my rookie of the year mistake
i’m shaking. shaking.

a youth suicide
a phone call i never should have made.

khaki scouts of north america:

yr smart and dehydrated
so call it off
the finger split that i’ve been waiting for
could never last

imagine this a map of the world

obsessed with architecture
i shouldn’t care so much
postcards. spark me something familiar.
a smile for good luck

here have flowers.

day trip to the plague pit:

if only you could wrap me up, in warm jumpers and checkered shirts
i’d cut my hair
i’m so excited to see
will we still talk the same when i go grey?
will we talk the same words?


i started thinking of oceans and airplanes and new days
the photo album on repeat
the photo album on repeat.


The ‘real world’.


needless to say europe was life changing. once again thank you (seriously we owe you everything) to johnny foreigner for taking us out, we had the best time. you can read all about our adventures here & here . or you can read it all through lex’s eyes here .

i’m still really struggling to adjust to the ‘real world’ but i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.

we played london last week and it didn’t suck, thanks a million to katia for filming us play newbie ‘sick kid’. it looks grand.

they told me not to bite my fingernails until i’m old enough
i’m sorry but i’m too scared to talk, that i’m too scared to talk to you.

we’re the last of this dying breed.

history lessons and i’m faking drunk on compliments, just for fun.
alright slow down. feel it stick to the roof of yr mouth
this distance seems further now. too far.

cool. enough hyperlinks i’m going back to work.